Outsourced Product Development

The packaged software product industry is at the cusp of an inflexion point. Newer deployment platforms, large scale adoption of mobility and analytics are changing the software product industry landscape drastically. Product companies need to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology platforms. With the adoption of newer technologies, software product companies are faced with the ever increasing pressures for time-to-market, while also looking to increase their reach through new avenues in emerging markets.

Why the Need?

Product companies need to ensure the sustenance and maintenance of their existing products. The key challenges that product companies face are:

  • Product development based on newer paradigms
  • Mobile enablement
  • Social media integration
  • Intuitive user-experience of the software across platforms
  • Maximizing returns on the R&D spend
  • Modernizing legacy products
  • Sustenance and maintenance of legacy products
  • Innovating the development process to reduce total cost of ownership
  • Shrinking product lifecycles and meeting time-to-market pressures
  • Ensuring quality software products catering to international market

While this mandates quickly embracing newer paradigms, product companies also need to protect and leverage investments in their legacy products, as these are sustainable revenue generators. We at ManpraX have made adopting new technologies as part of our culture, helping us not only to stay abreast with the new but also help reduce R&D cost for both us and the customer.